The Talented Town of Warwick

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By: Madeline DiPalmer & Summer Green
Staff Writers
Local Warwick musicians have chosen to distribute their music talents through SoundCloud. So1 frontundCloud is a worldwide online audio distribution platform that allows users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created music. All around the world, there are people who have different ways of expressing themselves through dance, art, sports, and of course, music. Warwick has many talented musicians that enjoy sharing their music with the world. It is easy and commendable to share and make music especially because Warwick is very respectable and sufficient. From R&B to hip-hop, Warwick has incorporated many different genres of music, and have made it more acceptable to share your perspective. “I feel like my music taste has broadened and grown as I got to the high school. I think it’s because of all the different kids in our school who make such different types of music. It’s really awesome how musically talented our school is and how it impacts other kids music tastes, like mine.” stated sophomore Amanda McGraw.
Megan Rice is a skilled pianist and singer. She is a sophomore at Warwick High School. The Survey staff asked Megan about making music in Warwick and what it’s like to share music with people in the community. “I’ve been involved in the music community in Warwick since a young age. It’s a great area for musicians because the community supports it as well as the other musicians around. My brother and I both express ourselves using music and being able to learn and work with him throughout my life has been very beneficial and inspiring. I learned from him that sharing your music on sites like soundcloud and other sources can lead to opportunities and inspire others to do the same.” Brendan Rice, a former Warwick High School student is continuing his music career and having great success. Brendan is very popular on Soundcloud for his unique beats and catchy songs. He stated, “I like to share my music freely. SoundCloud is a convenient platform to do that and people who want to listen, may listen.” Megan and Brendan have combined their music expertise to create a blend of their different genres and together call themselves “luvgood.”
Other musicians who play instruments like the guitar, piano, drums, etc talk more about what growing up and making music in Warwick means to them. “I express my emotions through my music. When I’m making music, I need to have it done that day. I love sharing my music because I want other people to enjoy it and feel what I’m feeling” stated WVHS junior, Rob Burghardt, who is a talented guitar player. The Survey staff asked Glen Mullhaupt, an extremely talented musician who has been playing the piano since he was young, about how he feels about making music. “I write music people could relate to and that comes from me. What’s nice about Warwick is the community to share music with”. Putting aside all the individual artists, the band “Wooden Fork” has been a very popular and successful music group that has inspired many people. We talked to the drummer of the band, Blake Dellabough, a senior at WVHS talked about his perspective on the music community of WVHS. “The great thing about music in this community is that it brings us together as a whole and it’s a fun and great way to express yourself.”
Ryan Oleary, a senior at WVHS that is a very talented music artist and is friends with Brendan Rice expressed his thoughts on music and soundcloud. “Music has been apart of my life since I laid eyes on my 1st guitar at about the age of 8. The change of the music scene and how music is shared now a days is such a drastic impact on todays society and how we communicate with one another. From my standpoint Soundcloud is the most efficient platform/resource for young artists such as myself to express their creativity and share limitless music for the world to hear. It really has impacted our society as a whole giving kids the opportunity to make something of their talents and ambitions. I’ve met people all across the internet mainly from Soundcloud and it has given me and my friends the opportunity to come in contact with other individuals from different countries in attempt to make a career out of our abilities. Which now seems like such a possible thing to grasp and i’m so very thankful for Soundcloud for giving me that outlook and opportunity. Remember, Always Strive and Prosper”.
Warwick has inspired many people to truly express their talents and music ideas publicly through the use of SoundCloud. It has opened up many different people to the field of music. As we grow and listen to different genres that warwick has created, we become more optimistic and open minded to the people around us and what they feel through their music. It is truly amazing how we support and value everyone and their ideas.

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