Bieber is Back!

Olivia Calacanis, Co- Editor of the Health Page

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Justin Bieber had the start to his career that almost any artist would die to have had. However, his career wasn’t all good. JB underwent many obstacles during the course of his career that got him a lot of negative press, but somehow he has made his way back to number one, and the world just can’t seem to get enough.
Bieber was just a small town Canadian boy when he, almost instantly, became a teen heartthrob whose name was heard all over the world after being discovered by manager, Scooter Braun, and R&B artist Usher, in 2007. At just 16, he rose to the top of the charts with his remarkable, thirteen time platinum single, “Baby.” This song was loved mostly by young girls while all boys could throw up at the thought of Justin Bieber and that song. When asked to comment, Eric Ormsby, sophomore at Warwick Valley High School, about how he used to feel about Justin Bieber and his hit single, he automatically rolled his eyes. “Back then, I didn’t like him or that song whatsoever. I found the song very annoying and repetitive.”
The teenager who got his start by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube, suddenly had millions of followers on twitter, was being talked about on TV and in magazines, and even got interviewed by Ellen Degeneres on her show. Soon enough, he had a number one album, a sold out world tour, and even his own fan base. During this height of his career, anywhere he went, screaming crying girls and paparazzi followed. At such a young age, the attention, publicity, and the hundreds of thousands of girls throwing themselves at him seemed to be the dream for Bieber, or so he thought.
After releasing Never Say Never, a documentary film, he grew tired of all the fame and attention. Recently on a radio interview, Justin admits that the fame got to his head. “I had a lot of people telling me I was awesome all the time. Then I started believing it after a while. I mean, you can’t really blame me. I was a kid and when you tell a kid ‘you’re awesome, you’re this, you’re that’ all the time.. it just went to my head.”
While his head was getting bigger, he also was getting older and was maturing so he desired to write more mature music and reach older audiences. Bieber’s dilemma was that he felt caught between wanting to please his fans and give them the music they wanted to hear and wanting to write the music he wanted to write, even if it was more mature and different than his old music. As a result of his dilemma, he lashed out. It started in March of 2013 when Bieber was called a moron by a photographer in London. He responded by jumping out of the car and with vulgar language, threatened to beat the photographer up. This was caught on tape and was shown on almost every news station and magazine in America, shocking the fans and their parents. Just a month after that, in April, Justin took a trip to Amsterdam and visited the Anne Frank House. Before he left, he wrote a note in the guest book saying “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” People were very offended by this and again, the story made it to the headlines.
During the next few months it had seemed like new stories about Bieber’s bad behavior was all over the news every other day. Being accused of reckless driving, busted for being in possession of marijuana, arrested for DUI, got in major trouble for egging his neighbor’s front door, and news of his and his on-again off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were just a few of the headlining stories Justin had during these few months. Paige Palmeri, junior, said, “ I loved when Justin and Selena were together. There was always new and interesting drama and rumours about their relationship. #JelenaForever.” Balancing a career, a social life, and a girlfriend is a hard task for the normal person, so for a kid who was always being watched and whose every move was being scrutinized, this was extremely difficult.
In July of 2013, a video surfaced of Justin peeing in a bucket at a restaurant and then spraying a poster of former President, Bill Clinton, while cursing his name. He was also recorded spitting off of a balcony at his fans who were waiting outside his hotel in hopes to catch a glimpse of singer.And for Bieber, 2014 was all the same mischief as 2013. He lost respect from his fans, famous people such as Seth Rogen, and even his own mother. Although, while all of these things were happening, he still had a very substantial fanbase supporting him through it all.
Bieber then took a little while off. “Sometimes when artists have someone significant to write about, such as his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, or even just experiences that negatively influenced their life, it gives them so much inspiration,” explained sophomore, Amanda McGraw. “They take the bad things that have happened to them and the bad things they have done, and make them into amazing music. That seems to be what happened for Justin Bieber.”
He stayed out of the news while he silently plotted his way back to the top. March 30th, 2015, Justin puts on a brave face as he gets roasted by celebrities like Shaquille O’neal and Martha Stewart on Comedy Central’s, The Roast. He then released his first single in quite some time called “What Do You Mean.” This song quickly made its way up the charts and was loved by every age, gender, and ethnicity. It was a true hit! “I used to not be a fan of Justin Bieber when he used to sing those annoying songs like “Baby” but I really like his new music. It’s actually really good. “ commented junior, Justin Roman. Bieber then released his second single, “Sorry,” another #1 hit. He released his new album, Purpose, which topped One Direction’s album, Made In The A.M.. Bieber is going on his first tour in three years starting March 9th. “He is the man,” stated sophomore, Noah Daigle.
Sophomore Super fan, Sydney Ambers-Hashim, said, “I still loved Justin during this rough time in his life. He made some mistakes and I would always yell at everyone who made fun of him. Not to mention that all those kids who made fun of him, like him and his music now.” She continued to explain how she thinks he matured and how happy she is for him and his major comeback he made. Many fans are glad to see Bieber is back on his feet and better than ever.

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Bieber is Back!