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Lexi DeFreese, Co- Editor of the Fashion Page

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In today’s society, fashion is a number one priority. With most fashion shows, all the proceeds go to the designer.But what happens when we use fashion for positive change? Two Warwick Valley High School Seniors are going above and beyond for serious causes. Shannon Sforza and Arianna Silvis are aspiring fashion designers, working against domestic violence and poverty. Shannon Sforza is creating a “Runway Against Violence”. All proceeds go to the National Coalition Against Violence. Arianna Silvis is creating a fashion show to raise money for the organization called “K.I.D.S”. The Survey Staff wanted to explore the reasons behind these fashion shows.
Shannon shed light on the cause.
What is the National Coalition Against Violence?
“ The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a non-profit organization that provides awareness for domestic violence. It acts as the voice of victims that have done through this. The coalition drives to create a change in society and has zero tolerance for domestic violence.”
What made you pick this organization to donate to ?
“I feel very strongly about domestic violence and believe that it needs to be talked about more.”
Who has helped you in the process of making this fashion show?
“Cindy Hopper, the owner of Sewcology.”
Do you feel like you have gotten support from senior project teachers ? How has Cindy hopper helped you ?
“ I feel like my senior project teachers have helped me a lot. And Cindy taught me how to read patterns and use a sewing machine.”
Because of the actions Sforza is taking , this could help someone seek independence from their abuser. Yet, Shannon Sforza isn’t the only one working for a cause. Arianna Silvis, Senior at WVHS, is running a fashion show to help the organization ‘K.I.D.S.”
Arianna, what made you choose to create a fashion show?
“I chose it because I have always loved fashion and dressing up for school and I wanted to expand my knowledge and so something that would be able to help me in my future. I really wanted to learn how to sew and create my own clothing to see what I could do and what I could create.”
Why did you pick the ‘K.I.D.S’ organization?
“I chose the ‘K.I.D.S.’ organization because it’s an organization for children who don’t have any clothing,accessories, and shoes and I feel like there may be some kids out there who love fashion and styling but are not able to show off their talent due to their current issues. If I could help a kid and their dream just a little, that would be great. Even if they don’t want anything to do with fashion, hopefully I will be able to help them get their needs to be able to show off their passion.”
How have people supported you with your fashion show?
“ Well my parents have been really supportive and always helping me think of ideas on how to make the clothes. And my mentor(Holly Munger Toth) has helped me a lot with volunteering her time to help me make clothes! My fashion teacher from C-Tech has been amazing.When I put out the event on Facebook so many of my
friends and family gave me positive feedback and were proud of me.”
Running a fashion show is hard. Especially when you are a teenager who is organizing it all by yourself! These girls are working hard, not for themselves but to help others in need. Because of Arianna, kids can buy new winter jackets and hats for themselves. Shannon will be helping a teenager leave an abusive home and live independently.

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