What Makes a Good Teacher

Jennifer O'Reilly, Co-Editor of the Health Page

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What really makes an outstanding teacher? Many times in students’ educational careers, students come across some great teachers that really make an impact on them. Lucky enough for the students at Warwick Valley High School, there are many great teachers who help benefit students’ education for the future.
Some of the qualities that make a teacher so favorable include their teaching skills, personality, dedication, understanding, and relationship. As a teacher, it’s extremely important to have good teaching skills because what you teach students will affect them for the rest of their lives. Some great skills that typically help students would be to have oconnororganized and summarized presentations, to review material for clarity, to make sure the topic is understood, and to interact with the students frequently as opposed to just giving a lecture for the whole 55 minutes.
While having valuable teaching skills is important, it’s also important to have a good personality; understanding and enjoying teenage students is another key that really helps. While everybody has their ups and downs in life, it’s important to not take it out on others. It makes classes easier when teachers are happy and encouraging rather than negative or showing no emotion at all. Another good quality is dedication. If a teacher isn’t willing to help students out of class, it is often impossible to fully understand the subject matter.
Oftentimes it’s easy for teachers to assign a lot of homework or write kids up for being “disrespectful”, however teachers must understand that students have sports or events after school as well as other classes so it’s hard for them to get a lot of homework done and that a majority of the time when kids “talk back to the teacher,” they’re not doing it to be disrespectful, it’s mainly to show their own point of view. Sophomore Summer Green said, “I think it’s very important for teachers to understand that respect goes both ways and if you say something to me that I can’t say to you then it shouldn’t be said at all.”
It’s important for teachers to understand that they too have to understand their students and treat them with respect as they expect to be treated. Lastly it’s always helpful for students to develop a relationship with a teacher because it allows them to ask them to ask questions, whether it be personal or school related.
A portion of the many great teachers at Warwick Valley High School acczwartording to students are Mr. O’Connor, Mr. Mita, Ms. Murphy, Mr. Ogden, Ms. Glover, and Mr. Zwart. Some of the great qualities that these teachers possess that makes them liked by many is the fact that they not only teach well, but the way they do it is really effective and beneficial to students, as to how some other teachers teach. For example, sophomore Brandon Desouza stated, “Mr. O’Connor explains stuff to make it more easy and he’s really exciting.”
A student of Mr. Mita, sophomore Olivia O’Connor said, “I’ve never had a teacher quite like Mr. Mita. He is so passionate about teaching, and his first priority is to ensure the success of his students. Mr. Mita fosters a very engaging learning environment, leaving his students enthusiastic about history. He is by far the best teacher I have ever had, I have learned more about history in this one year than ever before.”
Sophomore Kevin Domeseck, referring to Ms. Murphy, said, “Murphy. She’s a very outgoing person and keeps the emuphSnergy level in the class at a high level.” Another quality that all great teachers happen to possess is the kindness and interaction they give. Getting a good teacher for at least one class is beneficial to students in several ways. Sophomore Dane Sorensen also stated, “Mr Ogden is a good teacher because he’s very good at explaining difficult topics and he’s super funny.” It allows students to usually worry less about that class because they know they’re being taught well or it may allow them to develop a personal connection with that teacher which can help them throughout their whole school career.
Sophomore Maryanne Haynes also commented on Ms. Glover that, “Glover has a really welcoming personality and I think that’s why people love her so much, she’s really easy going and she’s a really sweet person. I feel like if I really had a problem I could go to her to talk about it and she would be there for me.” Just like Glover, Adriana Montgomery also agreed Zwart was the same saying, “He listens to everything you have to say and would be a very good therapist. He is the teacher you would go to if you have a problem.”
Having a good teacher is really important and can really help students in many ways. Warwick has some exceptional teachers, so the students really lucked out there. A great teacher influences kids for a time well beyond their school years.

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What Makes a Good Teacher