Our Generation Getting Involved – Meaningfully

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Our Generation Getting Involved – Meaningfully

Sierra Walsh, Debate Page Editor

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When one is walking around the hallways in schools it is very often that they will hear students talking about politics. If they think that Trump should be president or Hillary should be president, no matter what the opinions are, the topic is not left untouched. Yet how much of what is whispered or yelled is true, and how much of it is just a collage of everything that is heard in the news and from other people? Rather than add to the noise in politics, teens should be focused elsewhere, but focused with meaning.

Politics have become so messed up and there is very little difference from the bombastic promises made by the candidates, and the sincere ones. If there ever was a time to allow young people a pass, it is now, so they can retain some level of idealism. In this election, more than any before, the nominees are just playing to people’s emotions, and rarely backing up their claims with solid facts. For kids to get involved in this election and all the politics that surround it is basically a kamikaze mission. When kids get into politics they really just graze the surface of an incredibly deep and complex structure, yet they fail to go any deeper into politics then the news that is right at their fingertips.  Since young adults are only getting a very small dose of what is far more complicated, they are getting a false illusion of what politics really stand for.

Therefore, when it is their turn to vote they will not get to build a viewpoint based on their education and beliefs, but rather on the falsehoods that were presented to them at a younger age. According to senior Bryn Brockunier, “I think that teens should not be involved in politics because the majority of teens are not interested, don’t keep up, and don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to politics.”

Students should study history,  philosophy, and other forms of liberal arts before they start to study the more base world of politics. They need to become more educated before they start to pay attention to politics or else they will have no foundation to make sound judgements. If teens are able to learn about their history and the history of mankind, they are able to make more well educated assumptions, instead of rash ones with little reason behind them. If teens are able to use and understand the aspects and the power of philosophy (the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence) behind the presidential election then they are more likely to come up with a reasonable stance. If you do happen to be well educated, with a well rounded education, then you can read into what the candidates are actually saying and not what they are portraying to the public, According to junior Sabrina Lodato, “Teens should not get into to politics because they have very little knowledge about what is happening. They are not sure what is happening in the world of politics but are claiming they do thereby spreading many falsehoods. This is not a very good tactic and could be avoided very easily by teens just not going into politics.”

In an election of ridiculous falsehoods and hate, is not one of falsehoods that participation by banter is really an important aspect of the human condition? Rather than ‘participate’ in politics, should we not be trying to understand underlying conditions. Do we know enough about economics to talk about US engagement versus isolationism? Do we know enough about poverty to talk about economics? Do we know enough about history to see where hate can lead?  Do we know enough about respect to talk about immigration? To know about the world we are going into, for our generation to get involved, we need to know and have solid information- not talk.

So rather than argue about the pledge of allegiance, let’s pledge to begin to understand the issues. Understand the issues before they are political. Let us find meaning by seeking it, not in the polluted political realm but in reality. The world needs to be rescued and as Albert Einstein says, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

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