Life Without Regret

Bridget Higgins, Science and Technology Page Editor

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It is safe to say that regrets are things that everyone in life has at some point. Many people struggle with regrets whether it be a small, minor issue or a life changing one. Having regrets are sometimes extremely difficult to cope with. However, in some situations they are said to be beneficial. There are many ways to cope and deal with regrets to help people move on. However, there are also ways that people can use some regrets to their advantage.
Regrets are when a person experiences emotions such as, disappointment or sadness over something that happened in the past that can not be changed or fixed. When a person thinks of regrets they are usually more centered on the negative aspects which is not surprising since the pang of regret is one the worst feelings a person can experience. Negative effects of regret can be very detrimental to one’s health, mentally and physically. Dr. Melanie Greenberg from Psychology Today, explains that people who are not able to let something go are more likely to go down a path of  continuous negative thinking. This is a sign of serious depression and other mental health problems. According to Dr. Melanie Greenberg, regrets can also turn into chronic stress.  Chronic stress is a condition where a person is constantly being run down and feel as though nothing in the world can help them. Sophomore, Ruby Pape, shared her experience with regret and how it affects her, she said, “ I’ve had a lot of regrets that have really affected me in life. I don’t think I’ve had any serious side effects because of them, but they are still really painful and hard to deal with.”
On the other hand there is definitely a positive aspect of regrets too. When a person experiences regret it is helpful because it allows them to reflect on what happened. Lauren Deleon, an early graduate senior said, “I can definitely say that I’ve learned a lot because of the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I think that being able to grow from your mistakes is really important because it helps shape who you are.”
There are also many physical activities that people can due in order to relieve stress. Exercising releases endorphins from the brain which create happy feelings. It also helps people focus on something other than the issues at hand. Caitlyn Higgins, a freshman, said “I run XC because it really is a great way to relieve stress. There’s just something about pushing your body to the limit so that your so tired you don’t even think about anything for a while.”
Overall, regrets are part of life. However, that does not mean that they have to control us. People need to decide their own lives and not let regret cripple them. Learning from and using regrets to help motivate and guide can help shape people into best possible versions of themselves possible.

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Life Without Regret