State VS. Private School

Olivia Astorino, Editor-In-Cheif

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Every junior and senior in high school has had to deal with the same dreaded questions; “what do you want to major in while in college? and what college do you want to go to?” These are questions that can cause extreme stress to a high school student to extreme highs. How could you possibly pick where you want to go for the next four years of your life and what career you want to pursue for the rest of it? While these are very heavy choices to make, a choice that every college hopeful has to make first is if they would rather attending a private institution or a state university would be a better
Many stigmas have been made about both private and state universities, but in reality both have their own benefits and drawbacks, it just depends on the type of student and person you are. State schools often appeal to students that like bigger crowds. A very large state university can have around 200 students in a classroom at a time. In order to excel in academics you need to be able to cope with a large sized class and be able to approach a professor if you need help, they’re not going to chase you down since they are responsible for the instruction of many
One of the main appeals of students about state schools is the low and affordable tuition. Each state government heavily subsidizes the state college therefore it is less of a financial burden on the individual or family. Students don’t want to be swimming in debt after college so this type of school appeals to many who don’t have an extreme amount of money to splurge on college. Senior at WVHS, Melanie Aparicio stated, “ I would rather go to a state school because I don’t want to be in a lot of debt when I get out of college and I want to go to a big school.” These schools also provide a much larger campus, and more people to socialize with. Many state universities have popular football teams and other athletics that allure high school seniors to pick that school. It allows for a sense of unity and pride for that specific university and it’s a great way to go out and spend time with friends. For example, Ohio State University has one of the best football programs in the country and thousands of college students and fans come out to see them. It’s a great experience to be apart of, whether you’re a fan or a player. State schools are a great option to consider attending.

Private schools are also a  great option for future college attendees. While state universities offer a large and dense student body, most private schools are very small in size with only a few thousand undergraduates attending. Many high school students that don’t like to be overwhelmed by people and big campuses can find that a private school provides them the campus and social life that they find most comfortable. It’s a perfect balance between the class sizes of high school and a large state college. It is a lot easier to approach professors on private campuses than on state ones since that class sizes are so much smaller. Senior, Abby Gadomski stated “I would rather go to a private school because I feel like the professors are more passionate about teaching and it would be more personal.” One thing that turns many people away from private universities is the overwhelming price of tuition.  While at first glance, the tuition might seem paralyzing, most private universities offer significant scholarships which drastically bring the cost of tuition down. In some cases with the amount of scholarships and financial aid you receive, some private schools can even be more affordable than state schools. Senior at Warwick Valley High School, Molly Little stated “Personally, I would rather go to a private school, because I feel like it will give me a better education. If I go to a school in a different city I will have better internship and research opportunities.” This is the case for many high school students picking a college to attend and is often the reason they pick a private university.

State and private colleges provide many great opportunities for young adults. All in all most students have to make this very important decision of what college they want to go to based on their personal preferences and tuition. While this is a very hard choice to make, it is essentially a very important one. You don’t want to make the wrong decision that can potentially affect your future.

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State VS. Private School