The Thirst is Real

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The Thirst is Real

Bridget Higgins, Science and Technology Page Editor

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Water is unarguably one of the most important substances on the planet earth, without it there would be no life. Every plant and animal needs it to survive, yet people still cease to understand just how important water is to us. Of course everyone know that eight glasses a day is supposed to be the average amount that a person should be drinking . While that is a good basis, the truth is that it really depends on the person and their lifestyle. For instance a very active person should be drinking more than someone who lives a  sedentary life. People need to be replacing the water that they lose through day to day activities such as, breathing, exercising, and perspiring.  

Water is vital to our body in many aspects. Our bodies are composed of sixty percent of water which is necessary for many bodily functions.  Having the correct amount of water in the body allows the functions such as digestion to run more smoothly while also boosting the immune system, and increases energy while relieving fatigue. It also leads to better focus.

In today’s market there are thousands of beverages available such as, energy drinks, sodas, cleaners, juices, and milks. There seems an infinite selection to chose from so why would people want to drink water when compared to those listed it seems boring? People have the misconception that sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade do a much better job at replenishing the body due to the electrolytes found in them. However, sports drinks are full of excess sugars, sometimes containing even more than a can of soda. Having a gatorade once in awhile after a hard workout is reasonable, but having one everyday is when it may begin to do more harm than good. If a person is not burning off more calories than what is in the sports drink the extra calories end up being stored as fat which leads to weight gain. Another side affect of  drinking too many sports drinks is the increased possibility of high blood pressure.

Drinking water is especially helpful when competing in sports. All the benefits of water have a profound affect on a person’s physical abilities. When competing in sports the amount of water intake can make or break a performance. Without enough water an athletic can experience muscle cramps, nausea, and dizziness. Lauren Fox , shared her view on how water consumption affects her sports performances, “ I run on the Cross Country team during the fall and track during the winter and spring, throughout the years I’ve definitely noticed how much water affects my practices and races. On days where I don’t drink as much water I notice that I get tired faster and quicker. Overall, my performances on those days aren’t that great”.

One way to increase water intake is to find the perfect reusable water bottle. Finding a reusable water bottle that fits daily needs, style, and personality may increase water intake significantly.  Using a reusable water bottle is helpful in many ways such as, relieving waste. According to eco-watch, a website dedicated to the environment, Americans throw away thirty five billion plastic water bottles every year. Recently Warwick Valley High School installed two brand new water bottles refill stations for students and facility alike to use.  Olivia O’Connor talked about her water bottle and thoughts on the new water stations, “ I chose this water bottle because I really love the color of it. Also the design is really cute and I drink a lot more water when I have it with me. The new water bottle fillers in school are also really handy and useful and I love watching the number of water bottles filled go up each day”.

The benefits or water go on and on. By using a reusable water bottle, people cut down on the amount of plastic used and also increase their water intake. Increasing water intake can play a crucial part in one’s health and by taking steps to drink a significant amount of pure water people are able to greatly improve their health.

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