Psychic Mediums

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Psychic Mediums

Summer Green, Fashion Page Editor

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Every day through loss, and grief, people constantly question the truth behind mediums and if the afterlife exists. Where do our parents, grandparents and loved ones go after they have passed? The truth may be forever unknown, but many people have ideas through religious belief or the idea of mediums. Mediums portray themselves as people who can speak with the afterlife and receive impressions that are conveyed to the senses.

Mrs. Spano, an art teacher at WVHS, stated “I am a very spiritual person, I believe in the idea of being able to communicate with loved ones that passed through prayer.” Many interviews and books written by mediums show a similarity in their way of communicating with the afterlife and what they believe happens after you die. According to George Andersons interview “Afterlife Revelations”, he explains that in the afterlife we go through different levels of consciousness and can recognize our loved ones through personality. Tyler Henry, a very popular medium/psychic who has his own show in Los Angeles, meets with famous people and insists on not knowing them when he walks in. Watching his show has made lots of people believe in the afterlife and mediums.

Junior, Cate Bowman said, “ I watch Tyler Henry and a lot of shows about paranormal activity and there’s so much evidence going for it rather than against it so I believe in it.” Tony Rivera a senior at WVHS commented “I personally believe in mediums. I feel that some of us have the capability to connect with people that have passed over for a reason. I personally believe everything happens for a reason, and mediums are here to comfort us and explain those ideas and thoughts.”

Many people in our society have different opinions on this subject. It can be very difficult for people to believe in something that has no definite evidence. For some people who may have lost someone very close to them, may be more optimistic towards the subject in hopes to find out where we all go after we pass away. Junior Jacob Butchko said, “I think that it is naïve to cite reality TV shows as evidence for the paranormal. It is important to separate what you want to believe and what is actually believable to come to an objective conclusion.”

The world would be a much different place if it weren’t for mediums. They have created a different perspective of the afterlife and our futures. As for now, the question “Where do we go after we die?” is up for an individual to decide.

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Psychic Mediums