The Ten Dollar Founding Father

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The Ten Dollar Founding Father

Anna Costa, Editorial Page Editor

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Hamilton, the play that focuses on one of the founding fathers Alexander Hamilton’s life and accomplishments, has taken the world by storm. The play that features a phenomenal hip-hop soundtrack written by the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is adored by millions. Jacob Gaydos, who is a junior and an enormous fan said “Lin Manuel is a literary genius who has revolutionized the theatrical world by mixing Broadway history and hip hop.”  The play features songs that range from ballads to rap battles between Alexander, who was originally played by Miranda, and Thomas Jefferson played by Daveed Diggs, who also plays Marquis de Lafayette. It is filled with laughs from songs sung by the King of England, George III, for example “You’ll Be Back”, to songs that are filled with sadness like “It’s Quiet Uptown” which is sung after Hamilton’s son is killed in a duel. Every song on the album and in the play is filled with powerful voices and compelling lyrics.

The life of Alexander Hamilton was one that was filled with love, dedication, and betrayal.Hamilton’s history is filled with his experiences as Secretary of Treasury, being George Washington’s right hand man, and participating in the most famous duel in US history. The duel takes place between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, which is accompanied by the song “The World Was Wide Enough”. Along with having duels and songs about war one hears songs about love, such as the love between Alexander and Eliza and also Alexander and Angelica. The songs “Helpless” and “Satisfied” are both songs that even through the lyrics one can feel the love that these women felt for the founding father. Bridget Higgins, a junior and a member of The Survey staff talks about her love for “Satisfied” whenever she can, “The album is so brilliant! I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite song but, “Satisfied” is definitely up there. The lyrics are just so beautifully written and you can feel so much emotion. I love Hamilton it’s such a beautiful album and everyone should listen to at least once, especially ‘Satisfied’.”

The soundtrack has now found its way into history classes, like our own AP US History classes taught by  Mr. Burns and Mr. Nelson. Burns commented “The soundtrack has become something that is educational but also fun for the students to listen to. I have played some of the songs in class and the students really get into it. It is a good way to get students to learn.” The album has helped students learn about the life of Hamilton in a fun and educational way.

Kaitlyn Fenton a junior who is in Mr. Burns’s AP class stated “Yeah I love Hamilton! It is such an awesome album to listen to and I have started to really memorize it and it actually helped me in class because all of the songs are filled with facts about his life and what was happening with the government during his time.” The songs that are in the album help students remember facts better by putting a rhythm behind lyrics, it makes it easier to remember the actual facts if you can sing it.

The hysteria for the musical is obvious to see in schools. In class one can look over and see that someone is listening to Hamilton. It happens more times than one can expect. For example, in one of my classes I looked over and senior Rob Burghardt was listening to Hamilton so I asked him what he thought about the thrilling album and musical, and he enthusiastically  said “Hamilton’s historical rap/classical fusion never fails to put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.”

Hamilton is not only for teens though. The play draws in people from all over and has been sold out, and if you try and get resale tickets, they are usually sold at outrageous prices. Heide Ottley, a junior, said when asked about going to see Hamilton, “Yeah I would love to go and see it but the tickets are just so much money. Once they start to go down I am going to try and get tickets to go and see it, even though the original cast won’t be there anymore.”

The album that is filled with 46 astounding songs debuted at number 12 on the Billboard Top 100 which is the second highest ranking for a Broadway musical. Hamilton has been breaking records with the most Tony awards nominations though they did not break the record for most Tony awards. The play about the ten dollar founding father won a total of eleven awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Soundtrack for a musical.

Sam Ferrari, a junior, who is new to Hamilton said, “Yeah, my friend showed me the soundtrack to Hamilton and I have to say it was pretty good. I never really liked musicals but that soundtrack really changed my opinion!” As you can see Hamilton is capturing people who don’t even like musicals and showing them how beautiful a musical can be. Teens who have started to love the musical, for example, Emily Welling, have loved the hip-hop and rap tunes that the songs express.

Hamilton is a jaw dropping, awe-inspiring, magical show that will continue to entrance and blow away audiences for years to come.

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