Life Behind The Screen-Pros

Josh Greene, Photo Page Editor

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Now, you can sit there and try to come up with a hundred reasons why social media is bad or a distraction but without social media, where would our country be right now? Having constant access to acquaintances, family, and friends around the clock is the beauty of it all. Imagine a life without being able to see what people you know and love are doing with daily updates. Going against the use of social media is going against a platform that helps people voice their first amendment right. Without it we wouldn’t be able to voice our opinions or thoughts on certain matters as openly and publicly. Out of all internet users, people ages 18-24 account for 90% of the total. Older generations also uses social networking, with 78% of adults using the

internet as well. Adults involved in social media is a great thing. Parental control has gotten a lot stronger through social media outlets that allows parents to be able to monitor what their kids are really feeling/ doing.
You can make the argument that social media is the cause of bullying by making it simpler to contact one another but regardless of the circumstances bullying occurs just as much in the real world. Also most platforms provide a block or harassment button to disable people from seeing your account! Another feature social media offers is a privacy setting which allows you to dictate who can and cannot read what you post. With all of these settings in play, social media is a safe fun way to learn about the people around you and see what’re the new latest trends. A freshman at the University of Louisville Maurion Smith stated that, “Social media is great because it can provide exposure to local and big businesses seeking advertising.” Without this ability to market yourself, brands would be nowhere as successful as they are today. A lot of professions in today’s society solely rely on social media. Modeling, branding, clothing lines, etc.. all rely on social media to promote their business. Businesses use outlets such as twitter and Instagram to interact with their customers and see what’s in and what’s out,.
Senior Alanna Conklin mentioned, “Social Media has its pros and it’s cons but I feel more in touch with the world and more educated on current events with it in my life.” In the recent election social media has played a huge role in each party’s campaign. Outlets such as twitter have caught teens interest and brought them into knowing more about each candidate and politics in general.
Social media is educational, every time you log on you learn something new and that helps shape the youth into being more informed on the world around them. Being addicted to getting knowledge shouldn’t be a problem and I believe that it’s become a positive in the world in which we live.

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