Life Behind The Screen-Cons

Demi Herasme, Editor-in-Chief

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Like it, scroll, comment, scroll. You feel proud when that cute picture of yours gets a hundred likes on Instagram. A constant addicting cycle fostered by today’s technology. Social media has been an evolving issue in today’s society. Life, relationships, philosophies, and education have all been affected. According to Cornell University’s Steven Strogatz, “Social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous causal relationships formed through social media.” The addictive aspect of social networking is associated with the fear of missing out. This messes with your ability to think independently. In the world of social networking, Facebook benefits most from network effect.

Facebook happened to be the top social network when social networking became a mainstream activity. Now, everybody’s on Facebook because everybody’s on Facebook. Senior Bekah Guddemi stated “ Without social media this society would struggle. Many teens are addicted.” Even people who don’t like the social network use it anyway.They see it as the only way to talk to their family, and friends….but it’s really almost an addiction.
Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter are all apps that have minimized and devalued self expression. Social networks are massively addictive. Most people I know check and interact on social sites constantly throughout the
day. They have no idea how much
actual time they spend on social media. Junior Hannah LaTorre said “ I believe if I did not spend 8 hours on my phone everyday after school, I would definitely be more concentrated on my school work and get better grades.”
Most teenagers with social media are constantly taking others’ lives into consideration. Some people even believe it is a necessity to today’s life. Looking at the places people go, different people they meet, foods they eat. Social media engulfs all of your attention toward the people you follow. These can be people you may or may not know. Senior Greer Ligouri stated “ Yeah it is actually so sad how much attention your phone takes from you. I sometimes think I’m on my phone for 20 minutes but really an hour has passed. Being on a sports team really helps me be on my phone for a minimum time frame.” With the constant
Students Meghan Brockunier and Erin Flannery show their disapproval for social media
thoughts of missing out if not on social media, some teens believe that without social media they would not have friends.
While social media is a great way to connect with people all over the world, one’s virtual life should not overshadow one’s actual life. Teenagers believe that Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram is the only way of connecting with friends in a different state or even a different country. I believe that the value of a phone call is slowly becoming completely lost to our generation. Senior Melanie Aparicio stated “ I wish people would communicate through phone calls more. I feel like it’s seen as an old fashion way of communication. Yet it is ten times easier.” If one can not be involved in social media for at least a week then I believe they have know how to value time on social media. The best solution I’m aware of is to limit oneself to social networking sites once per day. Try it. And if you succeed, you’re on your way to beating addiction.

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