Mens Fashion In the Halls

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Mens Fashion In the Halls

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Chane Garvey, Holiday Page Editor

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Everyone is different and that’s what makes fashion so wonderful. We all have unique styles, for the guys that like to dress up, and for the guys that are more casual.

  1. How would you describe your style ?
  2. What are your favorite parts about your outfit ?
  3. Do you ever feel limited to your fashion options?


Gene Decker

  1. Generic, I like being comfortable
  2. “ My shoes are my favorite part of my outfit, I wear different shoes all the time to match my outfit that day”
  3. No I feel like that there are plenty of options, you can wear button ups, sweatpants, joggers, dress-pants, jeans etc.. there’s a lot out there


Eric Ormsby


  • “I would describe my style as laid back, I like to wear whatever style. Usually whatever comes to my mind I just put it on and hope it looks good.”
  • “ My favorite parts about my outfits would have to be my socks. I don’t know why but I just have a lot of cool socks and sometimes your socks can make the outfit work.”
  • “ I don’t feel limited to my fashion options because I’ll wear whatever I want to and feel good doing it.”




Will Odell

    1. Style is art. I’m an artist, and I wish to represent art in fashion  as well as in theater.”


  • “My favorite parts would be the jackets I wear with my outfits, or even the shoes I feel like it gives a pop to my outfits.”
  • “Never do I feel limited. I always like to try new things no matter what the norm is, or what other people think.”



Tony Rivera


  • “ I honestly don’t know how to describe my style. I think I’m trendy, I love to shop and wear different things.”
  • “I like to accessorize so watches, necklaces, bracelets would have to be my favorites. Also I like to wear sweaters.”
  • “Yes! Guys that are really into fashion are very limited. In certain stores there’s usually a small section for guys to choose from.  It’s always the same things in the same stores.”



Josh Green


  • “Confident, I wear what makes me feel happy and clothes that break the gender barrier in fashion cause at the end of the day it’s just fabric.”
  • “Jewelry, I like it because it can spice up any outfit.”
  • “ Not at all, I’ll walk into school with a dress and heels if I’m in the mood for it. Never feel like you can’t be yourself over something you can’t change. It’s actually entertaining, if they are shook then you’re not doing it right.”



Zion Ham


  • “ My style is based on how I want to be that day.If I wake up confident then I’m going to work harder to look nice that day, whether it’s a button down, t-shirt, or sweatpants.”
  • “My favorite components to my outfits are my hats because I feel like it completes the outfit. I also like my pants.”
  • “No. Because there’s no competition between guys, we just don’t really care as much as girls.”  


Having on a nice outfit can make your day better. The type of clothing depends on who’s wearing it, it becomes a reflection of a person’s perception of themself. Fashion is just constantly a changing trend. Clothing has become an integral part of  of self- realization for people.  

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