Music Festivals

Sarah Kaplan, Staff Writer

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Summer is coming, and that means summer music festivals are approaching. Music festivals have been around for decades, but only recently have they become a trend. You can see all your favorite artists perform at one show and it’s a great chance to listen to music with your friends. It’s also a great place to socialize and meet people with similar taste in music. Music festivals like Coachella have been increasing in popularity among the younger generation. It’s a great time to meet new people and discover different types of music.
Junior Casey Purtell has gone to quite a few music festivals and has voiced, “I think music festivals are really fun. You get to meet lots of people that you would not have met otherwise, and it’s like a huge party. I have met so many people at the festivals I have gone to and I still talk to some of them today! The food there is good and if you’re planning on going to one, you should dress comfortably for the heat and all the moving around. They are a really great place to experiment with your style, but try not to dress uncomfortably, because you will end up being pretty miserable. Also you MUST bring sunscreen and sunglasses, because if you don’t, you will suffer.” Music festivals are a great way to express yourself in your clothing and makeup. Each year the lineup is different, so that’s a reason for people to keep going year after year.
People prepare for these festivals in many different ways. Some people plan ahead for months by saving up money and packing essentials, while other people choose to go on a whim. There’s a lot of planning that goes into having a positive festival experience. Festivals as big as Coachella require at least a month of planning ahead. You should figure out accommodations like where you are going to put your things and where you are going to sleep, if you are staying for the weekend. You should also, of course, research the music that will be playing at that festival. This way you will know where the bands you want to see most are playing. If you want to take cash with you, make sure you find a place to keep it safe so you don’t end up losing it.
There are many essentials that you have to remember when going to a music festival. To make sure that you are fully prepared, make a checklist of things that you will definitely need. Some essentials are sunscreen and a refillable water bottle, as it will be very hot. Also remember a portable charger, a first aid kit, lots of food, loose, light clothing, deodorant, sunscreen, and closed toe shoes. Caitlin Hunter, a senior, has a lot of advice for people planning to attend a music festival, “Make sure to bring money, your ID, and of course your festival ticket with you. Also remember all the basics, like comfortable clothes and shoes, water, a phone charger, and a camera. I think the most important part of having a positive music festival experience is feeling comfortable in your environment. If you’re on your own in a big crowd and don’t feel safe, get out. You won’t enjoy the performers and you will just have an all around terrible time. It can be really overwhelming being in a big crowd, so if you aren’t feeling it, move somewhere that you feel more comfortable. Personally, I have been to concerts and festivals where I felt unsafe and overall uncomfortable, so I wish I had someone to tell me this. But if you have everything you need and are prepared, mentally and physically, you will have a great, positive experience.” Having all of these essentials and more will be a start to helping you have a positive music festival experience.
Many people can’t afford to spend so much money just for a weekend of concerts. For example, there’s a payment plan for Coachella, if you can’t afford to pay all at once. This is a way of paying in intervals, making the cost not as extreme. Most music festivals have a payment plan option for people that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars at once.
With all the upcoming music festivals, you are sure to find one that represents your music taste. Some of the most popular music festivals of 2017 include Coachella, Governors Ball, Lollapalooza, and Vans Warped Tour. Music festivals can be a lot of fun if you are properly prepared.

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