Gap Year- Cons

Sierra Walsh, Debate Page Editor

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Many people are faced with an immense amount of choices after graduation, and all of these choices are very overwhelming. So what is the best way to deal with this ominous and intimidating future? Some might say take a gap year, blow off some steam, travel the voluminous world. This is a good idea for a very selective few, but unfortunately for the majority of people ,it is a much more prudent choice to continue with your schooling while you have the momentum.
School can be very stressful and laborious, yet these qualities of school force you to build up a work ethic. Something that is tremendously hard to gain, and surprisingly easy to lose. So by allowing yourself to take a gap year from school, you are potentially disposing of numerous years of hard work. By taking a break from the rigorous school environment you are making it even harder for yourself to get back into the school mode. Many subjects build off of other subjects, and when you are not practicing certain academic skills for a long period of time, it will have an atrocious effect on your schoolwork, and overall school knowledge. A gap year will end up being a knowledge gap.
College, now more than ever, is imperative to being successful. Today we have a very rigorous society that is strongly based on merit and success. One of the many stresses that accumulate when looking at colleges is the fact that some of them can be insanely hard to get into. Taking a gap year will not increase your chance of getting into a school, if anything it will decrease your chance and start to limit your options for school. By taking a gap year you are also risking the fact that you might altogether lose your motivation to go to college. It is much easier to go straight from high school to college than force yourself to go to college after you have had a year off.
On top of all of this is the capital issue, money, unfortunately, this is essential and is a major factor that goes into what college you are going to attend. Taking a gap year that involves you leaving the couch is going to cost money. If you want to travel the world, you will be traveling it on a budget, which is not a bad thing in the slightest, but will take away from the money that you need for college. To solve that, one might say “I will just get a job”, and they might, but it will most likely not be the best paid job because they only have a high school degree. This could ultimately end in you having to work a sufficient amount of your time, causing you a good deal of stress.
Ultimately stress in inevitable, so taking a gap year to avoid it is impractical. For the vast majority of us, dreams of a gap year are not born from varied opportunities, but from lassitude and fear so don’t give in but push on through.

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