What Will Be YOUR Design?

Olivia Astorino, Editor In Cheif

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lass approaches many are conjuring up ideas in which they want to decorate their graduation cap. Decorating caps has been a tradition most high school seniors participate in. It allows the seniors to express themselves one last time and let their imagination take over.

Here are a few ideas on how to design your own cap!

Design it based on your future college:
Designing your cap based on your future college is a fun and creative way to get excited for the upcoming years in your life. By decorating it based on your university, you can also showcase to friends,family, and fellow classmates where you will spending your next four years. To showcase your pride for your college you can put the mascot or logo on top of your cap. You can also put the colors of your new school on your cap in various ways; beads, markers, felt, and some people even use materials like bows and ribbons. It’s a great, fun way way to symbolize you moving on to the next chapter in your life. Senior, Grace Sakellariou stated “I will probably design my cap with the initials of my college using scrapbook stickers.”

Design it based on WVHS:
If you want a more nostalgic feel to your graduation cap, you can design it based on Warwick Valley High School. You can use purple and gold all around your cap in various ways to represent the colors you have worn for the last four years. Its one last time to wear the wildcat colors as you are about to start a new chapter in your life. On this cap you can draw or put of the paw print and you can write or trace the WVHS abbreviation. You can even put on pictures of you and your friends from all your years in high school. In some cases previous graduates have designed half their cap with Warwick colors and the other half based on where they will be attending college or their post graduate plans on the other side. Senior Melanie Aparicio stated “Putting both your high school and future college on your graduation cap seems like a very fun way to both acknowledge our time in high school but also represent our future years to come.” It’s a fun and creative way to show your pride for WVHS but also showcase your excitement for your future plans.
Favorite quote:
A unique twist to a graduation cap can be putting your favorite quote or song lyric on it. This design ideas allows for a range of different one liners. Some graduates pick from movies, songs, or they choose their favorite celebrity or hero’s quote. Previous graduates have used this category for humor using quotes from Mean Girls, Spongebob, or just one of their favorite humorous quotes. It’s always a great time looking at different sayings that can make people laugh and smile. Other people put more inspirational quotes on their cap, they put a saying that has helped them through them throughout their life and in high school. In a way it recognizes that quotes importance to them. This idea also allows for more creativity. Students can design their cap with various different colors, designs, beading, and ribbon. They aren’t constricted to their school colors and it allows graduates to express themselves in the way that they want to. It’s a great idea for someone that loves arts and crafts and color.
There are hundreds of ways to decorate graduation caps, but these were just a few. You aren’t restricted to any of these, in fact you can put whatever design you please. You can design your favorite drawing, flower, or even base it upon which majoring you are entering in college. Designing your cap is a memorable experience that allows for endless creativity and imagination.

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