Teachers Style In The Classrooms

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Teachers Style In The Classrooms

Kayla Burgoa and Summer Green

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Students have shined with their outfits through the halls and made a stylish impression, but what about the adults in the school? Teachers are required to dress appropriately and professionally, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be creative and fashionable either! Being in a classroom all day and having to wear the same outfit can sometimes get tiring, so some teachers take it upon themselves to put their personal style and preference in their attire. The teachers interviewed are just a few of many that will always be memorable for not only their character in the classroom, but their choice in clothing.


Mr. Jacobsen
“I take pride in the way I present myself. I always have and I think that the image of any professional speaks volumes about their dedication to their profession. Regardless of the profession, the way that you present yourself definitely has an impact. Dressing the part was especially true for me when I first started out as a teacher. Being so young when I began teaching, I tried to give myself an older image, so that is certainly a reason why I carry myself the way I do today.”


Mr. Hoctor:
“Well I’m no Mr. Jacobsen.”


Mr. O’Connor:
“I would think of myself as a seasoned professional, that’s how I try to dress. If I’m coaching and I have an away game I wear a golf shirt and khakis, if not I typically wear a suit everyday.”


Ms. Hamilton:
“Fashion sense? I literally roll out the door.”
Ms. Marcolina:
“Professional and comfortable.”


Ms. Murphy:
“La ropa sirve como manera de expresarse sin palabras. Cuando mi ropa esta ‘en fleeko’ me siento bien…tengo exito!”


Coach Lindsay:
“I have always loved shopping and seeing what the new trends are. Although I teach Physical Education and have a less constraining dress code, I still believe it’s important to portray professionalism in my attire, while keeping it comfortable and relaxed. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!”

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