Flooding of a Century

Channing Prins, Staff Writer

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Writer Hurricane Harvey broke the record of the most extreme rainfall on the U.S mainland. In the course of four days we saw enough water to keep Niagra Falls flowing for 15 days straight. It’s estimated that up to 100,000 homes were flooded out, with only about 40% being covered with flood insurance. Having moved from Houston, Texas only a few years ago, I wanted to get the perspective from a fellow high school student. Carly Boyd, a 16 year old junior from Texas Conroe High School, shares her journey through the repairs of her home town.
How severe were the damages on you house? “Almost three feet of water flooded the downstairs of my house. All through my kitchen, living room, office, formal dining room, and the sun room.”
How much money has to be invested in repairs, and how long is it estimated to take? “My mom said our house repairs will be about $75,000. And that it could take up untill next summer before our house in completely repaired.”
Does your family have flooding insurance?“Fortunately we do, unlike a lot of people who live around my neighborhood”
How did the flooding effect your living situation?“We were out of our house for four weeks, while the water receded. My mom went to my grandparents house, and I went to my friends house. Luckily, we have been able to go back to our house, while we start repairs.”
Did your high school get flooded, and how long were you out of school for?“No, luckily it wasn’t. But we were out of school for one and a half weeks”
How did the flooding effect your after school activities or job?“It didn’t affect any after school activities. I teach classes at my dance studio, fortunately it was not flooded, and I was able to continue teaching. Many of my young dancers, were unable to come to a few classes because of the flooding on the streets. They were not charged for missing these classes, they were able to make them up. ”  In Texas you are legally allowed to have a job at 16. There are a few limitations, like the amount of hours and the amount of days you can work on school nights.
Did the flooding affect the way you got to school? “Our neighborhood was flooded and I couldn’t get out for three days. As the water receded I was able to drive to school like normal.” In Texas you can apply for your permit at 15, and can be fully licensed at 16 years old.
Did your school help out people in need? Or clubs in your school help?“Yes, they did a fundraiser with Olive Garden so that anybody who flooded could get free food from Olive Garden and they did a clothes drive. The basketball players also went and helped clean up neighborhoods.”
How did the flooding affect most of the students in your school? “Everyone who got flooded, were given extra time to turn in essays, projects, and labs. If you had a presentation, then you had a few more days to get prepared.”
How many people do you know that were flooded out?“I know around 70 friends and family members, were flooded out of their homes and lost everything. My best friend who lives only two houses down from me, got flooded up to her second floor. She lost everything that was in the bottom level.”
Did you help other in this time of destress? “I did, I went and volunteered at the shelter and the warehouse. I also helped promote T-shirts, to sell and the money went to the repairs of our town. With this campaign we raised $146, but other campaigns were going. My dance studio was sell hats and t-shirts. The city of Houston was selling ‘Houston’ T-shirts and all the money went to repairs. ”
Did you and your family receive help from others at this time?“Yes, the Conroe district baseball players and the Montgomery district football players, came out to my neighborhood and helped.”
How did the flooding make you feel? “I was heartbroken for my friends and other family that were flooded out and lost everything. As for myself I am thankful that my house didn’t get completely ruined and that we have the money to repair the damages.”
Were your parents thinking about evacuating? “Yes but my mom waited it out, she told me she would leave if the flooding became severe. She ended up not leaving because the upstairs wasn’t affected.”
When the Flooding started to get worse did you evacuate or stay? Why? “My mom didn’t because the flooding didn’t become severe. My friend and I did leave.”
Did the flooding affect your parents jobs? “No the flooding didn’t affect their jobs. My neighbor on the other hand, was unable to go back to work for six weeks.” This was a devastating storm, making news headlines and record breaking flooding in the U.S. I have family and very close friends  in the Houston area, that were personally affected and lost everything. The people in Texas, especially in the Houston area, will be rebuilding for many years to come. After hearing the devastating miss fortune Texas has had, I hope that we can all wish the best for them.

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Flooding of a Century