Flu Shot

Anna Costa, Editor-in-Chief

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When you think of school starting and the beginning of fall you also think of flu shots. Every year the debate about whether or not you should get a flu shot comes up, and it is never without loud naysaying voices. This never ending debate has been going on since the beginning of vaccines. As one gets older the choice will soon become their own on whether or not they receive the shot, and it is paramount that one understands the facts and does not get swept up in the fiction.
While there is a chance that you can get the flu after having the flu shot, some people have also reported having mild side effects after receiving the shot. There is also the pain that some people receive in their arm after they get the shot that stays with them for a few days. But do these cons outweigh the pros?
According to the Center for Disease Control having a vaccination you increase your chances of not having the flu. The “ flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population” as stated by the CDC, which every year encourages the people of the United States to get the flu shot and other such vaccines. Larissa Nguyen’s, a new Warwick senior, father works at a Walgreens as a pharmacist and when asked if she gets the flu shot she responded, “Yeah we get it every year!” While with the flu shot the doctors that create the vaccine each year are taking a gamble on if they are going to pick the strongest strain that year, that will affect the most people. Though they do a tremendous amount of research to pick the strongest strange. Allison DiPalmer, sister to Warwick senior Madeline, who is a registered nurse commented “Although it is not 100% effective in everyone, I still think it is really important and can be lifesaving in a lot of cases, in the end it’s better to be safe.”
Hannah LaTore, a senior believes in the work that these doctors do, she stated “Yes, I believe in the flu shot and the doctors and the science and studies that they have done behind the vaccination. And I would rather take the risk of getting the flu shot then not getting it and getting very sick.”
The flu can cause sudden symptoms that can have you bed ridden for periods of time. Some of these symptoms are severe aches and pains, headaches, coughing, vomiting and a high fever. Once these symptoms start it is best to stay home and away from others so that the sickness can not spread, especially in a school like ours it can spread very quickly.
Though the flu shot is not mandatory in schools, there are other vaccines that are, most children do receive the flu shot. However there is a large portion of students that do not get the flu shot. For example, Sam Ferrari, has not received the flu shot and will not receive the flu shot this year because her mother does not believe that they chemicals are good for her body. Hunter Brown, who is also a senior, stated “You should get the flu shot! Although the science behind it is a little iffy. But you know better safe than sorry. Though I don’t get it because I am afraid of shots.”
There is a rumor that has been passed around for centuries that that vaccines will give you Autism. The reasons for the outcry was because one certain preservative that could be the reason for the increasing amount of children with Autism. But this preservative has been removed from most vaccines that are offered to children and the test that doctors and researchers have done in the past 15 years have concluded that there is no link between the two. Emma Davis who one day wishes to be involved in the field of biology when she is older exclaimed, “The idea that vaccines could cause Autism stems from one specific source, a man who only thought of himself and greed when he fabricated a study that showed a link between Autism and vaccines. Despite being completely false and very unethical, people around the world launched onto this notion and the effects have been irreversible.”
The stigma behind the flu shot will probably never fade away as long as they are creating new vaccines, but the work that they have done in the past with vaccines is one that can not be challenged. We no longer see diseases such as polio and chicken poxs because of the vaccines that have been invented to eradicate these diseases. Imagine if one day they work to create a vaccine that solves the never ending battle against the flu?

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