Are We Too PC?

Russell Showalter, Music Page Editor

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In today’s world of microaggressions, trigger warnings, and college safe spaces from mean and differing views we have to ask ourselves: Are we going overkill? With riots in the streets over opposing views, massive hate for an opposing person or idea, and a nation more divided than ever, in modern times we have a few reasons why this is happening. One major component is political correctness and the regressive movement behind it.
The PC culture has put a wedge in people’s view of others. It not only has people scared into being silenced, but has pressured people into going back on their beliefs and even true statements that they have said. A major recent example is when Apple’s diversity head Denise Young Smith has had to apologize over one of her statement. The statement being, “There can be 12 white blue-eyed blonde men in a room and they are going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation. The issue is representation and mix and bringing all the voices into the room that can contribute to the outcome of any situation.” This is understandable in some circumstances but, when she is fired for one slip up she is pushed to resign. Then the black woman was replaced by a white woman which is kind of ironic because this lady has an open and differing perspective from the norm gets shut down and forced out from people who want more diversity than by doing so is making the workplace slightly less diverse.
This has also been present in college campuses since the 90’s. Berkeley college, the founding college for free speech and acceptance of all thoughts, has also even succumb to the authoritarian thought process that is political correctness. Earlier this year a right wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to have a seminar on hot topics such as Islam, feminism, and political correctness. Large protests and riots then occurred to stop this man from even trying to have a different opinion on their campus.He was forced to cancel his seminar for the fear of his own safety and the wellbeing of others. Jack Singer, a senior, had something to comment on this topic “No matter how much you disagree with or dispise what other people are saying, you need to let them speak in order to preserve free speech. If we silence all people we disagree with then it would just be people we disagree with then it would just be an echo chamber of people from one side saying they’re right, so there is no debate and that’s the biggest problem ”.
With the rise of the alt-right and the election of *gasp* Donald Trump, people need to ask themselves why this has happened. Most of it comes of it comes from political correctness and trying to stump Trump with use of major media and news outlets. This inevitably backfired big time. It all boils down to people supporting the PC movement by being regressive and trying to force people into buying into the idea that whoever doesn’t agree with liberal ideologies and putting their chips down on political correctness is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe and all these other names. While all center leftists and centrists are being labeled, pushed away, and divided by these people. This has almost outcasted all other ideas and has festered the growing movement of the alt-right because conservatives almost feel like when Nixon coined the idea of “the silent majority”. Donald Trump did the same in a similarly divided situation. People are fed up with being called names and getting put down for being different. Similarly to the Civil Rights movement,and when people were tired of being shunned and attacked for having different colored skin. Hannah Hennessy, a sophomore, had something to say on political correctness and its effects on society, “I think being too politically correct creates the opposite effect of its intention and creates inequality instead of treating everyone the same no matter what race or gender. Now everytime something happens people say it’s racism or sexism when in reality bad things happen to everyone no matter what and if you want equality you have to accept that.”
This not only has spread into major political ideologies but into our school traditions.
People shouldn’t be forced into being kind and respecting others and people shouldn’t police like they do to put others down for having a different ideology. There must be a balance of social order and self expression. We have fallen out of that balance from this due to the rise of political correctness and culture surrounding it. So, the alt-right movement is the balance. A ying to the yang. So unless people are bothering you in some way, just spread love and compassion for your fellow Americans and when they do bring it up, don’t let them tell you what to do.

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Are We Too PC?