Looking Back on 2017

Ryan Pfingst, Editor-in-Chief

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As 2017 comes to an end, we often find ourselves reflecting on what has happened in our lives the past year. Another 365 days have come and gone, with some of the best days, as well as some of the worst. While collectively it may not have been the greatest year, with the hurricanes, the political turmoil, as well as the loss of icons such as Tom Petty and Mary Tyler Moore, not everything has been so negative. Everyone lives different lives and we all have made our own wonderful memories over the past year. The Survey spoke with many WVHS students to see what the highlight of their 2017 has been.

Ava Ghobadian (Junior) – “The best moment of 2017 for me was winning the OCIAA championships with my partner Jackie Grundfast. It was so rewarding to have all of our hard work pay off.”

Bridget Higgins (Senior) – “My favorite part of 2017 was going on the trip to Costa Rica. I got to go with my friends and have an amazing time in a country that wasn’t very modernized. The way they live is so different from us, making it such an eye-opening experience.”

Kaitlyn Fenton (Senior)- “The best thing that happened to me this year was getting a car because it gave me a newfound sense of independence and freedom. Now I’m free to drive wherever I need and don’t always have to bug someone for a ride.”

Lian Walker (Freshman)- “Going to eighth grade formal last June was the best moment of 2017. I loved getting all dressed up and dancing with my friends, and then I got to go to a really fun bonfire afterwards.”

Uliana Kitar (Senior)- “Whenever I have early leave, me and my friends go over to Middletown to get bubble tea and bring it back for whoever wants it. It’s a nice release from the pressures of school, college, and other responsibilities, so that’s why it was my favorite thing about this year.”

Adriana Montgomery (Senior)- “The best part of 2017 for me was camping in Lake George over the summer. I got to see people I never see otherwise, and it was just a week filled with good times and fun experiences.”

Meaghan Shea (Senior)- “The highlight of my year was going to all the Model UN conferences and having a blast with kids from Warwick and from all over the area. One of my favorite moments was when I invaded the SOCHUM committee and witnessed Kaitlyn forget the lyrics to ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ (Only Model UN kids would understand).”

While 2017 may not have been the most memorable or special year for the world, we all have had countless wonderful experiences and reached numerous milestones. Although everything on the news may seem to be tragedy after tragedy, there were also plenty of positive stories to tell about this year. For example, the total solar eclipse that stretched across the country in August. Mother Nature united the country for those few hours in a way no other force could. Another highlight of the year was the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged. The royal family may be in Britain, but plenty Americans were just as excited to hear the news.
Students in Warwick Valley High School also had an astounding year. From athletic championships to tropical vacations, there were so many positive memories made this year, which is exactly what we should remember about 2017 when looking back upon it. Forget about all of the late nights stressing about school, the break-ups, the failures, the regrets, and the times it was all you could do to keep yourself from crying. Ignore all of the times you wish never happened, and choose to focus on the memories that make you smile, for that is the best way for all of us to enter the new year.

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Looking Back on 2017