2017 Sports Highlights

Conor Borthwick, Staff Writer

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As we head into 2018, it is always fun to look back at the previous year’s biggest moments. Although many may consider 2017 a year filled with struggles and disappointments, the sports world showed quite the opposite. One of the greatest things about sports is its ability to help us forget about the lows in life and it helps find something positive and fun for us to focus on. In a year where we needed it most, many of these sports came in the clutch and made 2017 a year to remember outside of politics and other worldwide tragedies.
The fantastic year started off to a great start, when the Patriots blessed us with one of the greatest Super Bowls we’ll ever see. 28-34, a score Matt Ryan, QB of the Atlanta Falcons, will never forget, as he was overcome by the Pats, led by Tom Brady’s incredible performance. New England’s offense put up 25 unanswered points in the third and fourth quarters, bringing the game to overtime. As if things could go any better for Tom Brady, he won the coin toss, giving them the ball. Yet again, Tom Brady showed his skill and composure by leading a very efficient drive down the field and RB, James White, ran the ball into the end zone for the game-winner. With this game, Tom Brady officially set his greatness in stone, and is now widely believed to be the greatest QB to ever play the game. Whether you are a football fan or not, it is hard to deny the insanity of this game.
2017 also included the revival of some sports that have been left in the dust for a while. The primary example of this is boxing, a sport that has arguably been in the shadows since the retirement of Mike Tyson. This year’s historic matchup between 49-0 Floyd Mayweather and MMA phenomenon Conor McGregor in the ring ended up surprising many. Going into the fight, many expected Mayweather to pull away easily, perhaps in an early round. Despite the doubt and the speculation, McGregor didn’t fail to give the people the fight they wanted. After starting strong through the first 5 rounds, Mayweather then began to take over McGregor and won in 10 rounds after a TKO. Mayweather’s record improved to 50-0 and both fighters made BANK. Outside of this big fight, there have been other notable brawls throughout professional sports, other than in just boxing. Sophomore, Granger Ottley, says, “Although fighting may be morally wrong, it is definitely good for sports and it is very much a necessary part of sports… plus, it’s fun to watch.” Fighting may be looked down upon by many people, but it sure adds some entertainment and excitement to sports as a whole.
Then, perhaps the biggest moment of all, occurred in October, with the Houston Astros. Led by Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, the Astros made an incredible post-season run and won the World Series in seven games against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It only made sense for the team to win it all after the soul-crushing natural disaster that hit their city. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, as it killed as many as 39, it damaged or destroyed 185,149 homes, and left 200,000 without power, all according to J.J. Gallagher of ABC News. Freshman, Megan Wright, says, “It really is great how Houston won the series. I’m a Yankees fan, but I really think the Astros deserved the win after their great season and everything the city went through.” After this tragedy, the city needed something to bring its citizens back in good spirits, and the World Series win by the Astros helped them do just this. Astros pitcher, Justin Verlander, performed fantastically in October after his $100,000 donation to Hurricane Harvey relief; a great way to make an impression on your new city after being traded from Detroit. To cap off a fantastic run for the Astros, not only was it their first ever franchise World Series win, but their star shortstop, Carlos Correa, proposed to his girlfriend on live TV after the game and she responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” It wouldn’t be surprising to see a similar winner in future years, as well.
Within the school there have also been some great moments in the sports program. This year’s varsity football team “shocked the section” with fantastic wins over Washingtonville and Monroe-Woodbury. These moments seemed to be fan favorites among some of the students in school. Freshman, James Bailey, says, “That win against Washingtonville was crazy, man. It was so high-scoring and the student section was wild after that insane game-winning field goal at the end.” Not only this, but junior, Andre Ward, a student who played on the football team, had this to say: “I mean, the best moment of the year was definitely when we beat Monroe after that interception with, like, 13 seconds left. The feeling after that, I mean, I can’t even put into words how great it was. It’s been so long since we’ve beat them.” The football team made it all the way to the section semi-final, while the girls’ soccer team made it to the section final and the boys made it even further. Volleyball made it to the section final as well. These fantastic seasons by Warwick’s fall sports helped top off a fantastic year for Warwick students.
When looking back at some of this year’s sports highlights, it helps make the year of 2017 seem better than it may have been in reality. Overall, the year had been polluted by politics and tragedies, and the sports were a great escape to all of this. Disagreements within society about the way our country was being treated divided our country more than we have seen in a long time. The good thing is, there will always be competitive sports to have great, friendly conversations about regardless of your beliefs. 2017 demonstrated just this.

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2017 Sports Highlights