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Recently, there have been many women stepping forward with allegations of sexual harassment against men in their lives. In a matter of a months, because of these women’s bravery they have become Time magazine people of the year, fueling the power of the #MeToo movement and women everywhere. As of the end of last month, there have been more than 35 men in the entertainment business as well as political leaders that have been accused of sexually harassing and violating bith men and women. The first claim that sparked it all this year was against Harvey Weinstein, one of the biggest names in the movie scene, now an infamous name rather than a famous one. Although the Bill Cosby allegations were also relevant, the Harvey Weinstein claims seem to have sparked many men and women to come out about multiple of names we know and see everyday.
With all of the allegations, rumors and convictions, it’s nonetheless upsetting and disgusting. It’s hard to keep track of who did or did not sexually harass someone at this point, but it seems pretty shocking to hear about some well known names. Recently, there have been allegations against the once acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey, known for his roles in House of Cards, on multiple accounts that involve 15 men. The first accusation that publicly came out by Anthony Rapp was addressed by Kevin Spacey on Twitter when he apologized and came out as gay. Louis C.K., a very well known comedian, has recently been accused by two fellow female comedians of exposing himself to them in a very crude way, which he has admitted to and since briefly apologized. Another famous celebrity, the new Batman, has been rumored of sexual misconduct of multiple woman including Hilarie Burton from One Tree Hill, which Ben Affleck has apologized for. Ben Affleck has also been linked to the Harvey Weinstein cases through multiple celebrities saying he knew what was going on and could vouch for the allegations to be true involving certain actresses. Amid all these cases, WVHS senior Uliana Kitar stated, “I believe that the recent surge in claims of sexual harassment are beneficial to our society to allow victims to speak. It is deeply depressing to see the large amount of how many celebrities have sexually harassed people who have less power than they do.”
Along with the entertainment business, politics, news and sports have gotten their own backlash and allegations. Some of these allegations were against two men from The New Republic newspaper, Leon Wieseltier and Hamilton Fish. Others include Mark Halperin from NBC News, Ken Baker from E! News, Michael Oreskes from NPR and the New York Times and Glenn Thrush also from the New York Times. But when it comes to mass media and news networks, the allegation that will be more known will be the one against The Today Show on NBC’s Matt Lauer, who was fired after being accused of systematically sexualising his fellow female employees and having a button that locks his office door from the inside on his desk and report notes. When it comes to politics the list could go on and on with the amount of allegations there are against senators, governors, the President, and more. But two in particular have come to light in this increasing and upsetting news. Al Franken, a democratic U.S. senator from Minnesota has been accused of sexual harassment of two women by forcibly kissing and groping them which he replied to with calling for an investigation and apologizing for his actions. A Republican Alabama judge, Roy Moore, was accused of sexual misconduct with multiple minors (teenagers) but has profusely denied these claims since their release and has put the blame on the National Democratic Party.
As for sports allegations, Larry Nasaar has been the women’s US olympic team’s doctor for over 20 years, and now McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and over 20 more women have come out with graphic details of the sexual misconduct he has been accused of. Just recently he has plead guilty in court to the charges that the women had brought against. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison for child pornography.
With everything going on in the world it seems that there are constantly ugly truths coming out that become hard to believe for many people. The sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct cases have been multiplying at a staggering rate and it is bringing a huge concern for the women and men in the spotlight who have been abused and are afraid to speak out. WVHS junior Sara McWilliams said, “It seems like it would stay with a person forever, no matter how hard he or she tries to forget the horrid memory, it will probably stay.” This has also caused concern for the men who have been falsely accused to still be seen as a societal icon.
The claims may never stop, as a multiple of people have found the courage to stand up and bring light to these horrible actions that once acclaimed stars have taken. People will continue to stand with one another to end this persecution by coming out with more stories pinning down the justly accused and by using the hashtag #MeToo to share their stories on social media.

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