Jobs You Never Thought Our Teachers Had

Channing Prins, Staff Writer

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Most teenagers by the age of 16 or 17 have a job. A lot of the time it is not a great job, and there are always crazy and funny stories about them. In the end, the job ends up teaching us skills we use in the future. Once upon a time our teachers were teenagers too. When thinking about our teachers, something most people don’t think about is what they did before they started teaching. Here at Warwick Valley High School, some amazing teachers have been generous enough to share their jobs before becoming teacher

Mr. Touw, a science teacher. At age 15, he started working a Mountain Creek as a lifeguard. Seven years later, at age 21, he became the manager of operations. He worked directly under the owners of Mountain Creek. He worked there for a total of 10 years, and he leaned how to build ski lifts and snow machines. Mr. Touw is now  one of our amazing science teachers.

Ms. Grable, a math teacher, worked at McDonalds for a little bit before she became a teacher. She says it was the worst and one of the best jobs, she has had. Grable says, “I didn’t like to smell like food, and people were not very friendly.” she explains why she feels that is was one of her worst jobs. It was also one of her best jobs because of the life skills she learned. It’s one of the first few jobs where she worked with money, and learned how to handle it. She also learned patience and personality skills. Now, Ms. Grable is one of our incredible mathematics teachers.

Mr. Meyer, a global teacher, once worked in a Washington Irving house. Washington Irving was a writer from the 19th century. His most popular books were, The Legends of the Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle.  Mr. Meyer would dress up as him and tell the story of The Legends of Sleepy Hollow from Washington Irving’s perspective. Mr. Meyer is now a great global teacher here.

Ms. Trovato, our new French teacher for a few years before Ms. Trovato worked here, she was a camp director at Addisone Boyce Camp. She once had to help catch a rattlesnake and release it back to the wild. It required a long metal pole and a big metal bin. She is now a très bonne French teacher here at.

      Coach Carcaterrais who is  now a fantastic P.E teacher here, used to work, just like most of us. For 16 years during the summer, he was a lifeguard. He worked as a ski insturctor in the winter, untill he started working here.

     Mrs. McLoughlin worked at R.R. Donnelly and Applied Graphics in New York City in the graphic arts industry, creating layouts for magazines. She worked in that occupation for 19 years. The industry slowly changed from hands on work to computer generated. Mrs. McLoughlin decided to go back to school for Art Education to combine her love of art and teaching. She is currently a wonderful teacher here.

          When starting out your first few jobs, you are never really sure where your career with go. From McDonalds to Park Management, each job is going to teach many life skills ones we may need in the future. You never know, you might end up becoming something you love. Take our teachers for an example, they did not know they were going to end up being the amazing teachers they are now.

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Jobs You Never Thought Our Teachers Had