Apple Lawsuit

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Over time, technology has significantly progressed, becoming a partof our everyday routine. Not only have the production of factory machines been made, but the making of products like phones and computers. The company Apple is known for their iPhones which has over one billion users and continues to grow. Apple has already released eleven different versions of the iphone, each accompanied by one of the eleven releases of the IOS (Internetwork Operating System). 

Over time, the discussion of whether or not Apple has been slowing down their older iPhone models to get people to upgrade came up again on Reddit at the end of 2017. Tyler Barney, a teenager from Tennessee posted on Reddit his experiences with his iPhone 6S. After installing the IOS 10.2.1 update he noticed his phone started to slow down and malfunction. He commented, “I did some research, and decided to replace my battery. Wear level was somewhere around 20 percent on my old battery. I did a Geekbench score and found I was getting 1466 Single and 2512 Multi. This did not change whether I had low power mode on or off. After changing my battery, I did another test to check if it was just a placebo. Nope. 2526 Single and 4456 Multi. From what I can tell, Apple slows down phones when their battery gets too low, so you can still have a full day’s charge.” Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Multi-core is a type of architecture where a single physical processor contains the core logic of two or more processors.  After some battery testing by Primate Labs’ President John Poole discovered that the teenager’s theory was correct and further explained why the Iphones were slowing down.

The company now faces a $999 billion lawsuit for the iPhone slowdowns. The suit filed by Violetta Mailyan denotes that “Each member of the Class (class refers to class lawsuit where many people are petitioners)  had to buy a newer iPhone model because the performance of their older IPhone model had slowed down as a result of Apple’s purposeful conduct.”The suit also presumes that Apple could have disclosed that it would eventually be slowed down, and Class members would have been able to get new batteries rather than replace their devices. Apple only came forward with a confirmation of what’s happening after Tyler Barney had discovered that replacing the battery would restore the phone’s performance.

Now, the company is also being sued by Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas. They claim that Apple’s decision to slow down older Iphone models presented a breach of an  agreement, as the company had failed to get consent from users or even inform them. There’s also the accusation that the tactic of slowing down older models encourages users to go and buy the newer models. They are also seeking California and nationwide class action certification, which would automatically include all people residing in the U.S. that own an IPhone 7.  Apple has now admitted to slowing down the IPhone models 6, 6S, 7, and SE  after years of speculation. The reasoning for slowing them is for when the batteries are old, cold, or have a low charge to prevent sudden shutdowns.

Two people from Chicago, along with residents of Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina, claim that the IOS updates were “fraudulently forcing iPhone owners to purchase the latest model offered by Apple.”While in the Northern District of the State of Illinois the plaintiffs continued to say “Apple’s software updates purposely slowed or ‘throttled down’ the performance speeds of iPhone 5, iPhone 6, certain iPhone 7 phones and as yet unknown versions of iPhones because operating system software updates wreaked havoc on batteries within these model devices.” When asked whether or not customers should be upset with Apple, senior Sammy Narvaez said, “I think they should be upset because not everyone can afford a new iPhone, and theirs slowing down can really cause them problems.” Freshman Devin Murray agreed, “ Yes I think Apple customers should be upset with Apple for slowing down their older phones because it just causes problems for the user. The Apple customer is inconvenienced with Apple’s tactic of slowing down their old phones so the user would have to be forced to get a new phone and that could take weeks even months to set up a new phone. The user just has to keep paying more and more money because all of the new phones just become more expensive. Apple users are also setting themselves up to have the new phone get slowed down after a few years, when a new phone comes out. Some of  the users might just switch to an android phone.The company Apple should be doing the best they could to help make their customers happy rather than setting them up for iPhone failure.”

Not only does Apple have to worry about these lawsuits, but they now face criminal charges from France. Filed by the organization Halte à l’Obsolescence Programmée (HOP), whose name translates to Stop Planned Obsolescence. They claim that Apple’s actions violated a 2015 French law that prohibits “The practice of planned obsolescence, which is defined by the use of techniques by which the person responsible for the marketing of a product aims to deliberately reduce the duration to increase the replacement rate.”

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Apple Lawsuit