Tired of It

Jennifer O’Reilly, Health Page Editor

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If you walk through the hallways during unit lunch, or through study halls in various periods throughout the day, you’re guaranteed to find some teenagers stressing, studying, or working. Growing up, people have this image of high school and how much fun it is to be a teenager and all the crazy things you get to do, you may even hear from adults “those were some of my best years growing up”, but is it really like that? In today’s society, high school seems to be almost the complete opposite.

For a majority of teens, we wake up, go to school for 8 hours, then partake in activities such as volunteering, sports, extracurriculars, or work, then we go home and are flooded with hours of homework and studying, and are still expected to get a “healthy” amount of sleep. It’s commonly known that the day is supposed to be divided up into three sections; 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work/school, and 8 hours of personal time, but for most people that isn’t always the case. When asked about her average day, senior Anna Costa stated, “Being a student means so much more than just going to classes and doing homework. In order to be a well rounded student, you have to work, play a sport and or be apart of clubs, and volunteer in the community somehow. These responsibilities add up quickly and if you do not have a way to handle and relieve stress you can get lost in the sauce.” So how are kids supposed to enjoy their life when they don’t have the time? Students are expected to devote their time to these things to help them, but in reality it does the exact opposite. These things such as grades, homework, work and even outside things like personal problems, distract people from taking care of themselves. Students are constantly stressing over grades, money, sports, and several other things that it leaves many of them depressed. Another senior, Colleen O’Brien, added, “School takes up my mind 25 hours a day. It’s like I can’t even think about anything else I’m so stressed. In the summer I don’t know what to do I feel so lost without the stress of school.” If you ever go on Twitter or even Instagram, you’re assured to find posts of people stressing or crying about all of these things, but it’s not supposed to be like this. We’re giving up things that seem so miniscule but  affect our health and well being. Things such as sleep, eating a well balanced diet,  and happiness seem so simple, yet they can be so hard to obtain. Senior Morgan Sirota said, “It’s hard to juggle school work with my activities such as babysitting and volunteering. Most nights I️ stay up very late to make sure all my work is done leaving me with no energy for the next day.” It’s gotten to the point where students would actually rather go to school than stay home when they’re sick because although they should be taking care of themselves, missing one day of school means a whole lot of work to makeup which they don’t have the time for.

We’re all aged somewhere from 13-18, we’re supposed to be out living our life, spending time with close ones, and making memories, but in reality, we’re all struggling to make it by each day, stressing about grades, money, finding jobs, getting into college, and the future, while surviving on small amounts of sleep. Most students spend at least 2 hours on homework each night, this however isn’t including those who take AP and honors classes, and this is on top of work, sports, and personal care such as showering and eating. No wonder you’re constantly hearing the phrases, “I don’t want to be here” “I want to drop out” or “I️ just want to go home and sleep” throughout the halls on a day to day basis. Society’s standards are so incredibly high that school, grades, and the future have disrupted us from being able to do things that we enjoy. While some may argue that students have breaks, weekends, and holidays, students still get assigned work, still practice sports, and still continue their jobs during those “breaks”. Bridget Higgins commented on this,”Every summer since 8th grade, I’ve always had to do summer work and it’s so frustrating. During summer as well as every other break, I’m still attending practice for sports and I work, and that alone is a lot considering its supposed to be a break.  I also find it frustrating when teachers assign us work on winter break, spring break, and Thanksgiving break. I feel as if that’s our time to spend with family and friends and to relax and not have to worry about school for once.”

As important as school is, there comes a point when the responsibilities become too much. With everything to do, it’s so hard for people our age to learn how to grow while managing all of this. There are such high expectations, but such little time to do it all.

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Tired of It