The Frightening Future of Technology

Stephanie Gratzel, Staff Writer

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The mysterious future of technology can be truly terrifying. The futuristic Netflix series “Black Mirror” has taken social media and technologies that we use everyday and shown us the scary future we could be headed for. Although this show aired in 2011, it recently gained popularity with conspiracists talking about how realistic of a stance the show takes, and with season four having been releasing on December 29th of 2017 it has gained more attention. Also, this show has gained the attention and notice of fans of the “Twilight Zone”.  Each episode presents a new situation with technology, and scarily realistic episodes that create the pose of questions on who’s controlling the technology, or more so, who’s controlling us?

“Black Mirror’s” unique way of instilling fear into the minds of technology based people has created “trends” which shows how much of an impact the show is having. On platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, users display their fears and their interest for the show, tweeting about making decisions with their technology based off of episodes. A newer popular trend is covering the camera of your computer screen or cell phone. In one of the most wild “Black Mirror” episodes Shut up and Dance, a boy’s laptop camera is hacked, and the hacker takes a video of him doing private activities, and then shows him receiving an anonymous message threatening him that it will be sent out if he doesn’t follow specific rules. On his journey to make everything right, he finds out that there are many people affected by this, and they’re all somehow connected. The episode ends in death for one man, a bank robbery, and for everyone else, their secretes being outed despite them following every rule. Although people have already been on to the idea that our cameras may be recording more than were aware off, this episode surely influenced many others to be weary of what they do in front of their cell phone, or computer cameras. However, this episode in particular leaves viewers confused with whether it’s the problem with technology, or the problem of people as the main character was using technology to look at children pornography. The show is obviously having an impact on people and altering their views on technology and cameras. Freshman, Emma Smith stated, “Before watching “Black Mirror”, and the shut up and dance episode I would’ve never thought twice about covering up my cameras or closing my laptop. Now I’m so freaked out but also aware of the dangers.” With “Black Mirror’s” growing popularity and impact, people are becoming aware about the scary possibilities of technologies.

Another episode that creates fear and anxiety for people, especially teens and high schoolers was season four episode 3, Arkangel. Many parents are overprotective, especially in today’s society. In this episode, it’s taken to the next level as a mother has a “chip” implanted in her daughter’s brain. This mother can use an app to look at her daughters biometric data and even scarily remove images from her daughter’s vision. Sophomore Owen Harrison spoke about the chip, saying, “I feel like this was such a realistic idea and concept. The idea of a “chip” in someone’s brain is a theme that’s been around for a long time, and they did a really good job of showing the darker side of it.” According to, this episode is especially terrifying because in 2011 researchers at UC Berkeley crafted a rough sketch of capturing people’s vision and measuring brain activity through an MRI. By presenting these situations, Brooker is showing our society things that seem so realistic, and so plausible that is makes us fear technology. Junior Catherine Slaybaugh commented on this episode, “I know my parents are pretty overprotective and it would good to be able to see where your child is, but it is scary what some people could use it for.”

Brooker’s ingenious creation that is Black Mirror is scaring our society into realizing what the future might hold for us. The show is successfully impacting people in today’s modern technological world to question what impact technology is having on the society and what it holds in the future. By using tactics of showing realistic situations, it’s impacting people to cover their cameras and be weary of what they do on social media.

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