Socks are Back

Isabella Astorino, Staff Writer

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Socks are becoming a very popular trend that kids and adults all over are wearing. Instead of having boring old socks you put on under your shoes, people are making them a big part of their day to day fashion. Some people just like the fashion aspect of it or others use it as a way to  express themselves. Even some celebrities, male and female, are taking part on this trend too. Socks have become a fashionable part of today’s society because people are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying out new styles with socks.

    Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Hailee Steinfeld all made socks a part of their fashion in the previous and current year. For instance, Kendall Jenner went to the Cannes Red Carpet event and wore semi-sheer socks with her metallic gold Jimmy Choo heels. She got a lot of attention from that bold move but it was mostly good. Kayleigh Ketterer a junior said, “I saw that Kendall wore socks with her heels and honestly I thought it was really different and cool. I like how she was starting a new trend.”Also Mandy Moore, an american singer, songwriter, and actress, has worn black lace that she paired with a black lace shirt and pumps. Wearing fancy socks with heels is making a big statement in today’s fashion. Even some male celebrities are on the sock trend as well. Some that wear crazy patterned socks are all famous individuals in whom are looked up to by many in society such as Ryan Seacrest, Justin Trudeau, and even Prince Harry. Prince Harry wore striped neon socks when he was visiting a rugby team to show awareness of world down syndrome day. Wearing bold socks can spread awareness to certain causes because it draws attention to the eye. These celebrities make socks a big part of their outfits and some even started to make sock lines. Rob Kardashian is a male celebrity that created his own sock line called Arthur George in 2016 and is still popular today. He sells all different types of socks for kids and adults. Rihanna is another celebrity that has a sock line. She partnered with the brand Stance to make the Fenty socks. Fenty socks are a brand of socks made for women. They have a girly but tomboy vibe to them and that’s the look Rihanna was going for. One big trend that celebrities and many people in the world are doing is the socks with sandals. Twins like Mary-Kate and Ashley wore grey socks paired with their birkenstocks. They were called trendsetters and now socks with birkenstocks/sandals is a big trend going on in the fashion world. Since many teens follow what celebrities do and try out what they wear, the celebrities have a big impact on why socks are coming back and why a bunch of teens are hopping on this too.

    Many students in Warwick have lots of crazy patterned socks. Emily Zeigler, a junior said, “I have lots of crazy socks. When I wear them to school  I feel like they make my outfit. I always feel like I am in a better mood when I wear different socks but that might just be me.” Emily is not alone on this feeling. Science suggests that in fact you technically are “what you wear.” Someone wearing different looking socks impacts other people but it also can impact the way you feel and many people believe it is a confidence booster. Studies also say that wearing these types of socks makes you feel brilliant as well. Happy Socks is a brand run by a Swedish company. It was founded in April of 2008 and they sell socks to 90 different countries. Dara Jonkoski, sophomore said, “I have ordered many socks from the Happy Socks website before and I usually always wear them because they are just so fun and I love the way they look. If I have a boring outfit on I like to wear patterned socks to add something.” Also freshman Cohen Emmerich said, “My friends and I have a couple pairs of different designed socks and I wear them often.” Lots of students here at Warwick are hopping on this sock trend and find it really intriguing.

    Instead of patterned socks, there are other types that are becoming more popular. Lots of girls are wearing boot socks, knee high socks, no show socks, sheer socks, etc. Certain socks can also dress up an outfit or make it more casual it just depends on the type of sock you are going for. Socks are making a really big comeback in 2018 in the fashion world for all ages and genders.

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