Weeds, the Margin of Existence

Sierra Walsh, World Page Editor

February 21, 2018

Filed under Arts and Culture

Weeds. Many people hear this word and instantly project a negative feeling onto it. Weeds are invasive, not wanted, noxious. Yet artist Mona Caron has dedicated her life to painting depictions of weeds onto buildings of all shapes and sizes in rundown areas and hidden places. Caron is an artist/act...

Body Hair: Bold and Beautiful

Alexa Yuen, College Page Editor

June 8, 2017

Filed under Arts and Culture

      As the weather grows warmer, shorts, skirts, and dresses make their way out from the back of closets, long sleeved sweaters are traded for crop tops and tank tops, and girls once again start shaving their legs after hiding under leggings and skinny jeans all winter and sprin...

Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums

Summer Green, Fashion Page Editor

December 1, 2016

Filed under Arts and Culture

Every day through loss, and grief, people constantly question the truth behind mediums and if the afterlife exists. Where do our parents, grandparents and loved ones go after they have passed? The truth may be forever unknown, but many people have ideas through religious belief or the idea of mediums. ...

A New Era for Cara

Pamela Loperena, Arts and Culture Page Editor

June 9, 2016

Filed under Arts and Culture

Bearing an enviable pair of striking eyebrows and a fierce feminist attitude, it’s highly unlikely you’ve never seen Cara Delevingne before. She is a force of nature—more than just a twenty-three year old model caked up in makeup and dignity. Recently, she debuted in the movie rendition of Joh...

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