My name is Logan, I’m 17 and in my senior year, but I really found an appreciation for writing in the 5th grade. I always had a love for writers like Ginsberg or William Burroughs. Journalism gave me a good opportunity to channel creativity with real issues that connect to people as well as sort of a behind the scenes aspect of being a journalist. I like to watch a lot of Vice or TYT in my free time and have both been strong sources of influence in my articles. I also take inspiration from side hobbies I dabble in photography and music, and try my best to make the consumer feel whatever it is I’m feeling regardless of what that might mean to them. I take this same approach with journalism hoping to not only share a message but ideas and emotions as well. I set a goal to try to make The Survey something students are quick to pick up and hopefully with some time I can make that happen.

Logan Lipnicky, Staff Writer

May 05, 2016
A Hunch About Lunch (Story)
The student news site of Warwick Valley High School